Category: Officer of the Month

September Officers of the Month

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On July 21st around 1:30 pm, Officer Victoria Mendoza and her partner Officer David Perez, assigned to the Deering District, responded to a “armed robbery just occurred call” in the 4300 block of south Ashland. Officers Mendoza and Perez monitored a flash message with a description of the suspects...

July 2017 Officers Of The Month

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Martin Hernandez and Joel Lopez On May 12, 2017 Officer Martin Hernandez and his partner Officer Joel Lopez were working as plainclothes tactical officers in the Harrison district on Chicago’s west side. The officers observed what they believed to be a drug transaction between a woman and a man...

June 2017 Officers of the Month

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Leo Augle, Colin Ryan, John Halloran and James O’Brien On May 2, 2017 P/O’s Colin Ryan and Leo Augle were in a covert vehicle conducting a surveillance on a group of violent street gang members. During that surveillance, members of the targeted street gang ambushed the officers using two...
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