Name: Bosak, William P.
Star: 3319
Memorial Panel #: 7
Rank: Police Officer
District / Unit: 005
End of Watch: 03 March 1979
Incident Details: Police Officer William Bosak, 33, was assigned to the Kensington Station–Tactical Unit. On March 3, 1979, Officer William Bosak and his partner, Roger Van Schaik, 31, were ambushed by a lone shooter. The offender, Kenneth Allen, was driving on 115th and Halsted Streets when he saw the officers involved in a routine traffic stop. Allen exited his vehicle and began shooting at the officers. The panicked occupants of the curbed vehicle had no relation to Allen, and drove away. Allen, shot both officers multiple times. Officer Van Schaik was pleading for his life when Allen stood over him and shot him twice at point blank range. Officer Van Schaik and Officer Bosak succumbed to their injuries. Officer Bosak’s funeral mass was held at St. John Fisher Church and he was laid to rest in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. He was survived by his wife, Imogene; and children, Paula and Jean.

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  • RIP sir. I remember when this happened.Tragic,and beyond tragic when politics reared its ugly head.still SMH.

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