A Chicago plainclothes officer was shot in his bullet-proof vest Friday, May 12th, in the afternoon, authorities said.

The officer, with the Harrison District tactical team, was taken to Loyola University medical center where he was expected to be released later in the evening. Officials credited the vest with saving his life.  Another officer suffered minor injuries and was treated and released.

Fop Lodge 7 President Kevin Graham said at a press conference that he had spoken to both officers and they are “very thankful for their vests.”

Dr Kristen Donaldson, an ER Physician at Loyola University Medical Center, treated the injured officer and offered some thoughts on the incident:

“Today we have seen gun violence in Chicago hit home, not only for me as an ER physician but as the wife of a Chicago police officer…  Our police officers, our finest, are being attacked…Thankfully he had a vest on and that saved his life.  The shot was to the center of his mass and could have been fatal…  I don’t ever want to receive the phone call this officer’s family got today,” she said. “Thank God it was a good call, and he’ll be going home to his family.”

Thanks to his bulletproof vest.

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