From the Sun Times Article…

First cows moved in on the Magnificent Mile.

Then came horses.

Now it’s gone to the dogs.

On Monday the Police Memorial Foundation announced that by week’s end, dozens of statues of police dogs will be installed along Michigan Avenue and surrounding streets, as well as a few other locations along the river or downtown. Eventually, 105 dogs will be set up in 48 locations.

The statues, each painted by a local artist, are part of a fundraising effort benefitting the Foundation, which provides support and assistance to the families of officers who are killed or catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

Each statue is sponsored by a company, family or individual who have the right to paint each dog how they like. Sponsors vary from law firms to pro sport teams, including the Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs and White Sox.

About 70 canines help cops patrol Chicago daily, said Foundation President Phil Cline, noting that the “K9s for Cops” art project was a natural fit.

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