A "Horses of Honor" statue in memory of late Chicago Police Officer Daniel E. Howard, painted by neighborhood artist Erika Vazzana, is being installed in Canarvyille.

Canaryville Police Horse

CANARYVILLE — A statue from the Horses of Honor public art program will be dedicated Saturday (at noon at the Flags Club, 552 W. 47th St.) to the memory of fallen Officer Daniel Howard, a Canaryville resident killed in the line of duty.

Horses of Honor honors fallen or badly injured Chicago Police officers and helps raise money for the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. Howard, a Vietnam War veteran, was just 26 when he was killed in a car crash while working on the morning of Jan. 1, 1975.

Howard still has a number of relatives in Canaryville, making Saturday’s dedication of the Horse of Honor especially poignant, said Erika Vazzana, the artist who painted the statue and a Canaryville resident herself.

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