Brian Warner of the Chicago Police Survivors appeared on Chicago Tonight to discuss the issue of rising police officer suicides and the lack of professional help available to officers.

The Chicago Police Department’s counseling service, the Employee Assistance Program, has three clinicians to serve more than 12,000 officers. Compare that to the next-largest department: In Los Angeles, 13 counselors serve 10,000 officers.

“Although the number of professionals necessary for a successful EAP will vary according to the type of program and scope of services provided, the officer wellness consultant we retained to assist with our review of CPD’s program found the number of staff dedicated to Chicago’s EAP too low to support the programs CPD currently offers,” the DOJ report says. “This is especially true given that the EAP in Chicago is intended to provide counseling services to both Department members and their families. Indeed, we found that EAP counselors are overextended.”

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