AED Incident 1: On February 13, 2016, at approximately 6:30 PM, P.O. Danielle Mulligan and P.O. Jordan Parks were doing paperwork at the front desk of the 011th District when multiple officers alerted them that someone in lockup was in need of medical attention. Officers Mulligan and Parks grabbed the station’s Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and immediately responded to the lockup area where they found an officer not breathing and without a pulse. The AED was placed on the unresponsive officer as P.O. Mulligan, P.O. Parks and P.O. Phillip Renault performed CPR. Following one “shock” from the AED and several minutes of CPR, the officer’s heartbeat returned and he began to breathe on his own. 011th District beat cars secured and blocked the route for the ambulance to expedite transport to the hospital where the 17-year police veteran was stabilized.

P.O. Danielle Mulligan began her police career on November 25, 2013 and is very grateful to have had an exceptional instructor in Phil Visor. She completed her training cycles in the 025th, 024th and 015th Districts and was assigned to “Operation Impact” for more than a year in 011 with her partner on foot patrol, P.O. Greenwald. She is currently assigned to the 011th District.

P.O. Mulligan studied at DePaul University and is proud to be a multi-generational police officer.

P.O. Phillip Renault graduated from the Chicago Police Academy on March 26, 2013 and completed his FTO cycles in the 024th District before moving to “Operation Impact” in the 011th District. From there, he moved to 1st watch in the 011th District where he worked until being assigned to the 011th District 1161 Tactical Team.

P.O. Jordan Parks joined the Chicago Police Department on August 25, 2014 and has worked in the 011th District for most of his short career. He was assigned to “Operation Impact” in 011 and is currently assigned there. Officer Parks has wanted to be a Chicago police officer since he was a child and is very grateful for the opportunity to serve the 011th District community and the City of Chicago. He looks forward to the rest of his CPD career and can’t wait for what comes next.


AED Incident 2: On the evening of March 5, 2016, an officer reporting for 1st watch duty at Public Safety Headquarters collapsed suddenly in the west lobby. P.O. Beata Staszewski had just walked into the east lobby for her tour of duty when she heard other officers asking if anyone knew CPR. Officers Jose Rocha and Norma Colon as well as Sgt. Charmane Kielbasa were attending to the officer who was unconscious. P.O. Staszewski checked for vitals, did not feel a pulse or breath, and started to perform chest compressions. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was brought to the scene and P.O. Staszewski removed the officer’s work shirt and undershirt. Officer Staszewski instructed the officers to open the AED unit and follow the audio instructions the unit provides; Officer Colon opened the unit, Officer Rocha and Sgt. Kielbasa operated the unit. After the unit was activated, the officer began to visibly breathe on his own, at which time the paramedics arrived and stabilized him further. The officer was brought to a local hospital and continues to improve.

Sgt. Charmane Kielbasa is a 22-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. She served in the 008th District for 12 years before being promoted to Sergeant. As a Sergeant, she has been assigned to 003, 005, 006, 022 and currently serves as the Supervisor for Unit 166, Field Services on 1st Watch.

Sgt. Kielbasa has been married for 26 years and has two adult sons. One works as a Special Education Teacher and the other currently serves in the United States Marine Corps.

P.O. Jose Rocha is an Army veteran who served 6 years as an Infantryman. He attended college as a Criminal Justice major and was hired by Cook County in 2004. He served there for nearly a year before joining the Chicago Police Department in January of 2005. Officer Rocha, an 11-year veteran of the CPD, has worked in the 007th District and is currently assigned as an Extradition Officer at headquarters.

P.O. Beata Staszewski has been with the Chicago Police Department for 12 years. She has worked in the 011th District, the Special Events and Liaison Unit and is currently detailed to Detached Services.

P.O. Norma Colon has been a Chicago police officer since June of 2006. She has worked in the 015th District, 014th District and is currently assigned to Detached Services.

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