On March 21, 2016, at approximately 2:20 AM, P.O. Stephen Boyd returned home from studying for the CPD Detective’s exam at the North Avenue/Wells 24-hour Starbucks. As he pulled in front of his residence, removed the key from the ignition and reached for his study guide, he noticed a young male wearing a black hoodie walking down the sidewalk to his right. Feeling that something was wrong, Boyd attempted to start his car and drive away, but the individual ran up to his driver’s side window and pointed a semi-automatic pistol with extended magazine at the officer. The offender ordered him to open his passenger door, leaned into the vehicle and pressed the weapon against the officer’s right temple, forcing his head down into the driver’s side window. He demanded the officer’s wallet and cell phone and he complied. The offender then ordered Boyd to stay in the car as he ran up the front steps of the officer’s home. At this time, Boyd heard a knock at the car window and saw a second armed offender, reminding him of his range instructor’s training, “When there is one offender, there is two!”

As Boyd sat with offender #2 outside his car window, he plotted his next move. In an attempt to distract the robber, Boyd, who is not married, stated that his wife and kids were inside the home and probably wondering what was transpiring. Offender #2 looked around and then forced the officer to his knees at the front of his vehicle. He then began to stomp on the officer and Boyd rolled over on his side to protect the fact that he was armed. He returned to his knees and put his hands on the hood of his car. Without warning, offender #1 returned to the scene and screamed, “shoot that motherf*cker, shoot him right now!” Officer Boyd had no choice but to spring to his feet and move out of the line of fire. He heard a shot and reached for his service weapon while screaming, “POLICE.” A gunfight ensued as the offenders fled and Officer Boyd saw one go down – offender #2 had been hit.  They disappeared into a nearby yard.

At this time, Boyd realized he had been shot in the right leg. He called out, “policeman shot, I need help,” numerous times, but nobody came to his aid. He felt dizzy and weak, but forced himself to climb the stairs to his home. He banged on the door until his brother, Dennis, answered and dragged him into the house. Dennis applied a tourniquet to the wounded leg while calling 911. Officer Boyd was rushed to Christ Hospital where he was told that the bullet had perforated his femoral artery. Miraculously, a clot had formed in his leg, probably from the tourniquet, that prevented him from bleeding out.

Offender #1 fled to Michigan and was captured a month later by the US Marshals. Offender #2 went straight to Little Company of Mary Hospital for his gun shot wound. He was placed into custody by detectives and later identified his accomplice.

P.O. Stephen Boyd joined the Chicago Police Department on October 10, 2000. He worked in the 003rd District for 13 years; 10 of those in plain clothes on Tact or Gang Teams. In 2013, he went to the Gang Enforcement Unit 311. He is an aggressive officer who has written numerous search warrants, performed reverse stings, buy-busts, vice missions, narcotics missions, etc. He is a two-time recipient of the Superintendent’s Award of Valor, a one-time recipient of the FOP Award of Valor and Distinguished Service Award. He has worked with amazing people and is most proud of the training he received that allowed him to outsmart these two killers. He is very grateful to his twin brother, Dennis, for saving his life.

Boyd has a degree in Communications from Saint Xavier University. He enjoys performing Improv comedy on various teams at Second City and recently graduated from their Improvisation Program.

Dennis Boyd, Steve’s fraternal twin brother, has worked in the blood lab at Christ Hospital for more than 20 years and is a certified phlebotomist.

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