On August 16, 2016, P.O. Brandon McDonald and his partner, P.O. Kevin Hernandez responded to a call of a vehicle hijacking that had occurred at 9600 S. Wallace. The officers spotted the vehicle and pursued the offender into the 005th District. During the pursuit, the offender began firing backward toward the blue and white striking the police vehicle several times. P.O. McDonald was also struck, leading the officers to end their pursuit near 10200 S. Eberhart.

P.O. Brett Psik and P.O. Carlos Guevara continued the pursuit and at the intersection of 100th and Dauphin Avenue, had their police vehicle fired upon, leaving the officers no choice but to return fire. Shortly thereafter, the offender curbed his vehicle, tossed his weapon and got down on the ground allowing Psik and Guevara to take him into custody.

Officer McDonald was transported to Christ Hospital with a graze wound to the left jaw and has made a full recovery. Officer Guevara was transported by CFD ambulance to Little Company of Mary Hospital and is still waiting to return to full duty.

P.O. Brandon McDonald joined the Chicago Police Department in February of 2014 and completed his training cycles in the 006th District, 004th District and 003rd District, where he received his first Department Commendation. He has worked Operation Impact in the 003rd District and is currently assigned to the 022nd District.

P.O. Kevin Hernandez joined the Chicago Police Department in 2014 and completed his field training in the 006th District, 010th District and 002nd District. He is currently assigned to the 022nd District.

P.O. Brett Psik is new to the Chicago Police Department. He has worked in the 005th District and is currently assigned to the 003rd District.

P.O. Carlos Guevara is an 11.5 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. During that time, he worked the Mission Team and Tact Team in the 005th District before moving to the Mobile Strike Force. After that unit was disbanded, he went back to 005 where he is currently assigned to the 1st Watch.


We Will Never Forget