On the morning of January 22, 2017, Officer David Nicholl was off-duty when he heard several loud reports outside his home. Without hesitation, the officer grabbed his gun and star and headed toward the location of the gunfire. As he exited his residence, he saw a black Jeep speeding away from a nearby Shell gas station at 1524 W. Huron.

On scene, the officer came upon two male victims who had been shot — one had an injury that was non-life-threatening and the other was bleeding profusely from a chest wound. Nicholl, who had received Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training (LEMART), quickly assessed the situation and retrieved an Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) from his vehicle which was parked nearby. The officer then applied his QuikClot blood clotting agent to the chest wound in an effort to stymie the bleeding. The agent began to work almost immediately while the officer applied pressure to the wound and maintained communication with the victim.

Shortly thereafter, CPD and CFD units arrived, took command of the scene and transported the victims to Stroger Hospital for treatment. Thanks to the life saving actions of Officer Nicholl, both victims made a full recovery.

P.O. David Nicholl joined the Chicago Police Department on October 27, 2014. He spent much of his probationary time with the downtown Bike Unit handling numerous anti-police protests. Upon completion of his probationary period, he was permanently assigned to the 3rd Watch in the 006th District.

Nicholl is medically retired from the US Marine Corps following a rollover accident of his Humvee in Iraq which severely injured his right arm. He endured many years of rehab before being able to take and pass the physical fitness tests necessary to become a Chicago police officer.

We Will Never Forget