On April 19, 2017, Sergeant Cathlene Hillman monitored a call of “shots fired” in the 6100 block of Hamlin Avenue.  While en route, the call was updated to a person shot.  As Sgt. Hillman turned onto Hamlin, the first arriving officer confirmed a person was shot in the leg.

On scene, Hillman observed a victim seated on the sidewalk leaning up against a building and a male kneeling next to him holding what appeared to be a sweatshirt on the victim’s left thigh. As she got closer, she observed that the victim was pale and sweating with his head nodding as though he was trying to stay awake.  She then noticed the volume of blood on the sidewalk.  Sgt. Hillman removed her personal tourniquet from her vest and applied it to victim’s upper thigh above the wound.  While applying the tourniquet, she instructed the friend to continue talking to the victim, telling him the tourniquet would stop the bleeding.  Hillman then instructed the other officer on scene to erect the crime scene tape and get a time check from dispatch for the tourniquet being applied.

CFD arrived moments later and took the victim to Christ hospital where he underwent surgery for a damaged artery.  Sgt. Hillman cleaned up from all the blood and returned to duty. She happily learned the next day that the shooting victim had survived.  She is grateful to the department for providing the Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training (LEMART) that she was able to apply during a situation which saved an individual’s life.

Sgt. Cathlene Hillman has been a police officer for 25 years.  She began her career in the 010 district and after five years, made the tactical team. During this time, the focus was on narcotic and gang enforcement within the 010th district.  She left a few years later to go to the Special Operations Section which was basically a citywide tactical team. After that she went to the narcotics section for a couple years and acted as a buy officer focusing on areas that had recent shootings. She then went back to a tactical team in the 010 district.  Hillman was recently promoted to the rank of sergeant and is currently assigned to the 008 district on the third watch as a sector sergeant.

We Will Never Forget