On March 22, 2015, Sgt. Geoff Pienta, P.O. Mike Modzelewski and P.O. John Conneely responded to a “burglary in progress” call at 2229 S. Stewart. Upon arrival, the officers were met by a witness who relayed that he heard someone enter the residence as well as a woman’s scream shortly thereafter.

The officers gained entry to the building and began conducting a room by room search. Once they reached the top floor they could see a male attempting to secret himself behind a bedroom door and gave him verbal commands to show himself. When the offender refused to comply, the officers entered the room and a brief struggle ensued. Reasonable force was used to enact an arrest and the offender was taken into custody. A knife was discovered in his waistband. Once the individual was in handcuffs, a female victim exited the bathroom wearing only a towel and stated that she had been sexually assaulted by the offender.

Further investigation determined that as the female entered the foyer of the residence, she was attacked from behind and forced at knife-point into an upstairs bedroom where she was bound, gagged and raped. The offender then dragged her into the shower in an attempt to cleanse her of any evidence. Had the officers not arrived when they did, the offender would have surely killed his victim to hide the crime.

Sgt. Geoff Pienta has been with the Chicago Police Department for twenty years. He began his career in the 009th District in 1996 and worked for a short time with his father who retired in 1997. He was promoted to sergeant in 2003 and was assigned to the 002nd District. Pienta has also worked as a tactical and gang sergeant and moved to the Gang Enforcement Division in July of 2014, where he is currently assigned.

P.O. Michael Modzelewski has worked in the 009th District for more than ten years and has been assigned to numerous incident teams as well as the 963 Tactical Team. He is currently assigned to the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Mission Team.

P.O. John Conneely has been a Chicago police officer for nearly 18 years and has been recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His prior assignments include 012 Tactical Team, Area 4 Mission Team, Vice Unit, Gang Intelligence, the FBI Joint Task Force on Gangs and the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Team. He is currently assigned to the 008th District Tactical Team.


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