On March 22, 2015, Sgt. Geoff Pienta, P.O. Mike Modzelewski and P.O. John Conneely responded to a “burglary in progress” call at 2229 S. Stewart. Upon arrival, the officers were met by a witness who relayed that he heard someone enter the residence as well as a woman’s scream shortly thereafter. The officers gained entry to the building and began conducting a room by room search. Once they reached the top floor they could see a male attempting to secret himself behind a bedroom door and gave him verbal commands to show himself. When the offender refused to comply, the officers entered the room and a brief struggle ensued. Reasonable force was used to enact an arrest and the offender was taken into custody. A knife was discovered in his waistband. Once the individual was in handcuffs, a female victim exited the bathroom wearing only a towel and stated that she had been sexually assaulted by the offender. Further investigation determined that as the female entered the foyer of the residence, she was attacked from behind and forced at knife-point into an upstairs bedroom where she was bound, gagged and raped. The offender then dragged her into the shower in an attempt to cleanse her of any evidence. Had the officers not arrived when they did, the offender would have surely killed his victim to hide the crime. Sgt. Geoff Pienta has been with the Chicago Police Department for twenty years. He began his career in the 009th District in 1996 and worked for a short time with his father who retired in 1997. He was promoted to sergeant in 2003 and was assigned to the 002nd District. Pienta has also worked as a tactical and gang sergeant and moved to the Gang Enforcement Division in July of 2014, where he is currently assigned. P.O. Michael Modzelewski has worked in the 009th District for more than ten years and has been assigned to numerous incident teams as well as the 963 Tactical Team. He is currently assigned to the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Mission Team. P.O. John Conneely has been a Chicago police officer for nearly 18 years and has been recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His prior assignments include 012 Tactical Team, Area 4 Mission Team, Vice Unit, Gang Intelligence, the FBI Joint Task Force on Gangs and the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Team. He is currently assigned to the 008th District Tactical Team.  

On July 3, 2016 at 9:30 AM, Officer Sean Hayes, Star 7012, was off-duty traveling on Damen Avenue in the Roscoe Village neighborhood. At that time, P.O. Hayes and his son observed a man on a bicycle strike a car door that had suddenly opened in his lane. Upon striking the vehicle, the bicyclist’s neck was lacerated by the corner of the car door. P.O. Hayes then saw the man holding his hand to his neck with a look of panic on his face. The officer sprung into action and instructed the man to sit down and relax as he retrieved a pressure bandage (OLAES Modular Bandage). Hayes began to render first aid and calmed the victim as they waited for paramedics to arrive. The paramedics arrived on scene and continued to tend to the victim. At this time, it was discovered that the injuries were substantially more significant than originally thought and CFD found the victim to have an exposed trachea and damage to the carotid artery. He was transported to Illinois Masonic Hospital where he was treated and released two days later. P.O. Hayes was able to apply the life saving skills he learned from the Law Enforcement Medical and Rescue Training (LEMART) course and used first aid materials kept in his Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK). P.O. Sean Hayes has almost 16-years with the Chicago Police Department. He has worked in the 016th District, 025th District, A/5 Gangs, Gang Intelligence and is currently assigned to the Education and Training Academy as a Firearms Instructor, Patrol Carbine Instructor and Carbine Armorer. P.O. Hayes grew up in South Florida and is the father of two boys, 12 and 6 years of age.  

On March 21, 2016, at approximately 2:20 AM, P.O. Stephen Boyd returned home from studying for the CPD Detective’s exam at the North Avenue/Wells 24-hour Starbucks. As he pulled in front of his residence, removed the key from the ignition and reached for his study guide, he noticed a young male wearing a black hoodie walking down the sidewalk to his right. Feeling that something was wrong, Boyd attempted to start his car and drive away, but the individual ran up to his driver’s side window and pointed a semi-automatic pistol with extended magazine at the officer. The offender ordered him to open his passenger door, leaned into the vehicle and pressed the weapon against the officer’s right temple, forcing his head down into the driver’s side window. He demanded the officer’s wallet and cell phone and he complied. The offender then ordered Boyd to stay in the car as he ran up the front steps of the officer’s home. At this time, Boyd heard a knock at the car window and saw a second armed offender, reminding him of his range instructor’s training, “When there is one offender, there is two!” As Boyd sat with offender #2 outside his car window, he plotted his next move. In an attempt to distract the robber, Boyd, who is not married, stated that his wife and kids were inside the home and probably wondering what was transpiring. Offender #2 looked around and then forced the officer to his knees at the front of his vehicle. He then began to stomp on the officer and Boyd rolled over on his side to protect the fact that he was armed. He returned to his knees and put his hands on the hood of his car. Without warning, offender #1 returned to the scene and screamed, “shoot that motherf*cker, shoot him right now!” Officer Boyd had no choice but to spring to his feet and move out of the line of fire. He heard a shot and reached for his service weapon while screaming, “POLICE.” A gunfight ensued as the offenders fled and Officer Boyd saw one go down – offender #2 had been hit.  They disappeared into a nearby yard. At this time, Boyd realized he had been shot in the right leg. He called out, “policeman shot, I need help,” numerous times, but nobody came to his aid. He felt dizzy and weak, but forced himself to climb the stairs to his home. He banged on the door until his brother, Dennis, answered and dragged him into the house. Dennis applied a tourniquet to the wounded leg while calling 911. Officer Boyd was rushed to Christ Hospital where he was told that the bullet had perforated his femoral artery. Miraculously, a clot had formed in his leg, probably from the tourniquet, that prevented him from bleeding out. Offender #1 fled to Michigan and was captured a month later by the US Marshals. Offender #2 went straight to Little Company of Mary Hospital for his gun shot […]

On Tuesday, June 21, 2016, Officer Jennifer Jacobucci was returning to her assignment at O’Hare Airport after completing station assignment at Headquarters. While traveling westbound on I-90 she observed thick black smoke just off the expressway. As she approached, she monitored the zone radio where she learned there was a house fire on the 2700 block of Campbell and immediately responded. Officer Jacobucci notified the zone that she was on scene and soon learned that the fire was spreading to the building next door. Without hesitation, Officer Jacobucci entered the three flat, quickly notifying residents to evacuate the building. After escorting a female with two dogs from the second floor and two females, a male and a dog from the first floor, she continued to clear the building room by room to ensure everyone made it out safely. She was later taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated and released for smoke inhalation. Officer Jennifer Jacobucci is a 10-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. She began her police career in the 015th District, later becoming a member of the Robbery/Burglary Mission Team, Tactical Team, Bike Patrol, the 004th District Bike Patrol and is currently assigned to Unit 050 Airport Law Enforcement North. Jennifer earned her MAP at Adler in Police Psychology in 2012 and has just completed her MEd at DePaul University focusing on Secondary Education. Jennifer is constantly looking for ways to improve the lives and relationships within the communities she serves. Media Links: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/chicago-police-officer-saves-people-pets-from-house-fire_us_57b7565be4b00d9c3a179723

On April 25, 2016, Officers Eddie Okon and Gerardo Rivera were working Beat 1013 in full uniform and in a marked CPD vehicle when they observed an individual standing with other known gang members near 24th and Trumbull. The officers observed the individual securing and holding a bulge in his waistband and they felt his actions were consistent with someone possessing a weapon. Okon and Rivera approached the group and attempted to conduct an investigatory stop at which time the offender in question fled on foot. As the offender fled, he removed a handgun from his waistband and fired a shot, striking Officer Okon in the right shoulder. The offender continued to flee and was eventually taken into custody after Officer Rivera chased him down and deployed his Taser. Officer Okon was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital where he was treated and released for a gun shot wound to the upper right shoulder. The offender’s weapon was recovered and found to be loaded with eight .45 caliber rounds. P.O. Eddie Okon served as a Police Cadet before joining the Chicago Police Department. He has worked his entire career in the 010th District and is currently assigned to the 3rd Watch. For most of his tenure, he has had the privilege to work with P.O. Gerardo Rivera. Officer Okon is extremely grateful to his girlfriend, Shana, his family, friends and co-workers for their unbelievable support and assistance throughout this chain of events. P.O. Gerardo Rivera is currently assigned to the 010th District on 3rd Watch. He has worked his entire 12-year police career in 010 and joined his regular partner, Eddie Okon, on Beat 1013 about three years ago. He is proud to have Eddie as a partner and wishes him a speedy recovery.  

On Friday, April 13, 2015, Chicago police officers Peter Gurskis and Hector Fuentes, regular partners for 15 years, were on patrol northbound in the 5700 block of Kedzie Avenue when they observed a Chevy Aveo swerve into oncoming traffic. A large poultry truck was traveling in the opposite direction and struck the Chevy head on, causing the vehicle to burst into flames. Fuentes and Gurskis immediately notified dispatch to send CFD to their location and the officers rushed to the burning vehicle to assist the driver, who was pinned inside. The car door was jammed shut from the collision, so the officers began to push down on the window frame in an effort to extricate the driver. Officer Gurskis was able to grab the victim by his shoulders as Officer Fuentes freed the man’s legs which were pinned beneath the dash. With the fire and smoke growing more intense, the officers were finally able to free the driver from the wreckage and dragged him to safety. At this time, the driver notified the officers that his friend was a passenger in the burning car. Because thick smoke had filled the interior of the Chevy, the officers were unable to see this second occupant. Fuentes and Gurskis rushed back into the flames, removed the unconscious passenger and pulled him to a safe location. Both victims were transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital where they were treated for severe injuries. Had these heroic officers not take action and waited for CFD to arrive, the occupants of the vehicle most certainly would have perished. P.O. Peter Gurskis began his career with the Chicago Police Department on October 26, 1998. He was first assigned to the 007th District where he met P.O. Hector Fuentes. Upon completion of their probationary period, the two officers became regular partners. They soon transferred to the 008th District, their current unit of assignment. Because they have worked together so long and know each others reactions to different, stressful situations, Gurskis was very grateful to have his partner on scene the night of the incident. P.O. Hector Fuentes has been a Chicago Police Officer for more than 15 years. He is currently assigned to the 008th District and refers to Peter Gurskis as not only a partner, but a great friend. Fuentes never thought of becoming a police officer, but decided to take the entrance exam when he became bored with his job as a pharmacy tech. Knowing the dangers of police work at the time, he kept his decision quiet from his family.

Seven police officers were honored Wednesday by the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, for saving the lives of two fellow cops by using automated external defibrillators and CPR.  The officers honored were P.O. Danielle Mulligan, P.O. Jordan Parks, P.O. Phillip Renault — Sgt. Charmane Kielbasa, P.O. Jose Rocha, P.O. Beata Staszewski, P.O. Norma Colon.  See link below for CBS news story. http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2016/04/13/chicago-police-officers-honored/


AED Incident 1: On February 13, 2016, at approximately 6:30 PM, P.O. Danielle Mulligan and P.O. Jordan Parks were doing paperwork at the front desk of the 011th District when multiple officers alerted them that someone in lockup was in need of medical attention. Officers Mulligan and Parks grabbed the station’s Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and immediately responded to the lockup area where they found an officer not breathing and without a pulse. The AED was placed on the unresponsive officer as P.O. Mulligan, P.O. Parks and P.O. Phillip Renault performed CPR. Following one “shock” from the AED and several minutes of CPR, the officer’s heartbeat returned and he began to breathe on his own. 011th District beat cars secured and blocked the route for the ambulance to expedite transport to the hospital where the 17-year police veteran was stabilized. P.O. Danielle Mulligan began her police career on November 25, 2013 and is very grateful to have had an exceptional instructor in Phil Visor. She completed her training cycles in the 025th, 024th and 015th Districts and was assigned to “Operation Impact” for more than a year in 011 with her partner on foot patrol, P.O. Greenwald. She is currently assigned to the 011th District. P.O. Mulligan studied at DePaul University and is proud to be a multi-generational police officer. P.O. Phillip Renault graduated from the Chicago Police Academy on March 26, 2013 and completed his FTO cycles in the 024th District before moving to “Operation Impact” in the 011th District. From there, he moved to 1st watch in the 011th District where he worked until being assigned to the 011th District 1161 Tactical Team. P.O. Jordan Parks joined the Chicago Police Department on August 25, 2014 and has worked in the 011th District for most of his short career. He was assigned to “Operation Impact” in 011 and is currently assigned there. Officer Parks has wanted to be a Chicago police officer since he was a child and is very grateful for the opportunity to serve the 011th District community and the City of Chicago. He looks forward to the rest of his CPD career and can’t wait for what comes next. AED Incident 2: On the evening of March 5, 2016, an officer reporting for 1st watch duty at Public Safety Headquarters collapsed suddenly in the west lobby. P.O. Beata Staszewski had just walked into the east lobby for her tour of duty when she heard other officers asking if anyone knew CPR. Officers Jose Rocha and Norma Colon as well as Sgt. Charmane Kielbasa were attending to the officer who was unconscious. P.O. Staszewski checked for vitals, did not feel a pulse or breath, and started to perform chest compressions. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) was brought to the scene and P.O. Staszewski removed the officer’s work shirt and undershirt. Officer Staszewski instructed the officers to open the AED unit and follow the audio instructions the unit provides; Officer Colon opened the unit, Officer Rocha and Sgt. […]


On January 31, 2016, P.O. David Pasillas and P.O. Arnulfo Gomez responded to multiple 911 calls of an armed intruder who had broken into a house in the 7300 block of South Paulina Avenue. Inside the home, a male offender was holding a female victim at gunpoint. The officers entered the kicked in front door of the residence and were immediately fired upon by the home invader. Both officers subsequently returned fire and neutralized the threat. The offender was killed in the exchange and an accomplice was taken into custody. Thanks to the officers’ quick actions, the resident of the home was not harmed. P.O. Pasillas and P.O. Gomez began their training at the Chicago Police Academy on March 5, 2013. They first met in 2006 while serving in the U.S. Army in the same infantry unit. Officer Pasillas left the Army in 2007 and Officer Gomez continues to serve. Upon competing their foot patrol assignments and Operation “Safe Passage,” Pasillas and Gomez successfully bid to the 007th District where they are currently assigned to the 1st Watch. Both are motivated officers who love what they do for our country and city.


On November 28, 2012, P.O. Brian McVey and his Gang Team responded to a “man with a gun” call. While en route, his three-man patrol car was cut off causing the vehicle to hit a light pole and flip over. After striking a second light pole, the car came to rest at 70th and Stony Island in the 003rd District. Officer McVey was knocked unconscious and had to be extracted from the vehicle by members of the Chicago Fire Department. He spent two weeks at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and two weeks at the Rehab institute of Chicago recovering. Officer McVey has undergone numerous surgeries as a result of this accident. P.O. Brian McVey is a 10-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. During his police career, he has served in the 003rd District, Burglary Team and lastly assigned to the Gang Unit. He is happily married to Laura, his wife of three years and is the proud father to Hannah, 15 months. Brian received his Master’s Degree in Police Psychology and is currently teaching as an adjunct instructor.


On December 07, 2015 at approximately 2254 hours, Chicago Police Beat 726, P.O. Ryan Krolikowski #17019 and P.O. Eric Wicencyjusz #19869 observed a vehicle travelling westbound on Garfield Blvd at a high rate of speed. The speeding vehicle had lost control and crashed into a light pole violently flipping into the air finally landing on the sidewalk of 726 W. Garfield Blvd. Beat 726 arrived on scene before any fire apparatus and observed the vehicle in a crashed form with heavy smoke coming from the engine bay.  They immediately requested the assistance for additional units and CFD emergency equipment via OEMC Zone 6.  The following Chicago Police Department Beats arrived on scene to render aid:  Beat 720 Sgt. Michael Cavanaugh #1063, Beat 787, P.O. Michael Bunyon #6190, P.O. Ivan Romo #15753, Beat 706CR, P.O. Andrew Turner #14932 and Operation Impact Beat 4155R P.O. Michael Guzman #15911. The responding units approached the vehicle as flames and heavy smoke now entered the car’s passenger compartment. P.O. Krolikowski, P.O. Wicencyjusz, P.O. Bunyon, and P.O. Romo immediately removed the unconscious driver who had suffered a broken femur during the collision. The fire quickly accelerated, now engulfing the entire engine bay, underneath the car as well into the passenger compartment.  The heavy smoke, intense heat as well as the deployed side air bags made it impossible to see if there were additional passengers still in the vehicle. Sgt. Cavanaugh instructed the officers to quickly cut the airbags and search for additional victims at which time a second unconscious victim was located in the back seat.  The vehicle suffered massive damage during the collision which caused the doors to be forced shut. Knowing that the car could possibly explode, the officers worked as a team and pulled the rear driver’s side door numerous times causing it to break from the body and the second victim was now pulled to safety. Sgt. Cavanaugh made one final attempt to feel around the passenger compartment for any other victims at which time he reached through the passenger side window and felt a head of hair.  Sgt. Cavanaugh immediately alerted the other officers at which time they worked quickly to break the rear passenger side door from the frame. P.O. Bunyon reached into the vehicle and realized that the third victim was still wearing his seatbelt with his foot turned sideways under burning debris. P.O. Krolikowski immediately reached in and cut the seatbelt from the front seat passenger. P.O. Bunyon, Sgt. Cavanaugh, P.O. Guzman and P.O. Turner reached in and pulled the unconscious victim from the front seat to the back seat. These officers working in unison dragging the victim to a safe distance away. The crashed vehicle quickly became entirely engulfed in flames and was extinguished by the Chicago Fire Department. The three victims of the vehicle crash were taken to Cook County Stroger Hospital where life saving techniques were administered. All three occupants survived with broken bones, minor burns, smoke inhalation and various internal injuries. The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation recognizes these officers for exceeding the expectations of the public by […]

On November 1, 2015 at approximately 2:30 AM, Chicago police officers Josue Pivaral and Shadi Sweiss, Beat 613R, were dispatched to an auto accident/car fire located at 7700 S. Loomis. Beat 606F Officers Eric King and Phoebe Flores arrived on scene first and advised over the radio that a vehicle was in flames and two people were trapped inside.  Officers King and Flores sprung into action and were able to revive the unconscious driver and remove him from the burning car. Shortly thereafter, Officers Pivaral and Sweiss arrived on scene and rushed toward the burning vehicle. Officer Sweiss was handed a fire extinguisher by a 15-year old neighborhood teen whose quick thinking helped save the lives of the accident victims. Officers Sweiss and Flores tried to put out the overwhelming fire with the extinguisher while King and Pivaral attempted to pry open the passenger’s door to free the second occupant. The fire had already begun consuming the dashboard and white smoke was filling the vehicle. Following several failed attempts to pry open the door, Officer King told the passenger to cover his face with a t-shirt and struck the window with an asp multiple times until the glass shattered. The four officers then pulled the heavy passenger through the car window and dragged him to the sidewalk. Seconds after removing the trapped victim, a small explosion and flying glass came from the burning car. The officers then moved the passenger to a safer distance until a CFD fire truck arrived to extinguish the blaze. P.O. Josue Pivaral: Officer Pivaral has been assigned to the 006th District since joining the Chicago Police Department three years ago. He has been part of Safe Passage, the Foot Patrol and the Bike Unit. P.O. Eric King: Officer King has worked on an Incident Team in the 006th District for the past year. Prior to this assignment, he has worked in the 004th and 005th Distircts. P.O. Shadi Sweiss: Officer Sweiss joined the Chicago Police Department in April 0f 2013 and began his career in the 004th District. He has been assigned to the 006th District since October of 2014. P.O. Phoebe Flores: Officer Flores has worked in the 006th District since graduating from the Training Academy in April of 2011. She is currently assigned to the District’s Mission Team (606).  

See The Story On CNN! On September 28, 2015 at approximately 7:00 PM, Officers Mike Modzelewski and John Conneely responded to a call of multiple persons shot at 5300 S. Aberdeen. Once the officers arrived on scene, they were immediately met by a frantic woman who was holding an eleven month old baby. The woman was screaming, “the baby is shot, the baby is shot!” Officer Modzelewski examined the baby and found that he had sustained a gunshot wound to his lower left waist and was losing a substantial amount of blood. Given the dire circumstances, both officers made the split-second decision to transport the baby to the hospital themselves rather than wait for an ambulance. At this time, Officer Conneely took the wheel as Officer Modzelewski cradled the child in the back seat of the squad car while applying pressure to the wound. Officer Conneely relayed through dispatch the route being taken to Stroger Hospital and requested that CPD begin blocking off intersections. He also asked that Stroger be notified to prepare for an eleven month old with a gunshot wound. Once at Stroger, both officers rushed the baby into the ER where they were met by hospital staff. The baby was eventually stabilized and released several days later. Had the officers not immediately removed the baby from the scene, the outcome could have been very different. Officer Modzelewski has worked in the 009th District for more than ten years and has been assigned to numerous incident teams as well as the 963 Tactical Team. He is currently assigned to the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Mission Team. Officer Conneely has been a Chicago police officer for nearly 17 years and has been recently promoted to the rank of Sergeant. His prior assignments include 012 Tactical Team, Area 4 Mission Team, Vice Unit, Gang Intelligence, the FBI Joint Task Force on Gangs and the Area Central Robbery/Burglary Team.

On February, 18, 2014 at approximately 11:18 AM, P.O. Abraham Lara was on routine patrol in the 011th District. As he approached the area of 514 N. Hamlin, Officer Lara came upon an individual discharging an automatic weapon. Without hesitation, Lara announced his presence as a police officer and engaged the shooter. Instead of surrendering, the offender fired on Officer Lara and escaped in a waiting white Kia Optima. The officer relayed the events to responding officers and gave a detailed description of the armed offenders and their vehicle. Officer Mario Mendoza, Officer Robert Caulfield and Officer Mike Alaniz heard Officer Lara’s call of “shots fired” at the police and went to assist. While en route, the officers spotted the offenders, activated their emergency equipment and attempted to curb the fleeing vehicle. The offenders refused to stop and attempted to elude the officers. In the area of 28th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway, the squad pulled alongside the offender’s vehicle and one of the occupants pointed a Tech 9 automatic firearm in the officers’ direction.  Officer Caulfield and Officer Mendoza, in fear for their safety, fired several shots at the offender who kept popping up and down in the rear of the vehicle. As the offenders exited the expressway at 35th Street, Officer Alaniz fired on the fleeing vehicle causing the driver to lose control and crash. Weapons drawn, the three officers tactfully approached the offender’s vehicle. P.O. Mendoza opened the rear passenger door and found one of the offenders pointing his gun directly at the officer. Mendoza immediately fired on the offender and neutralized the threat. Officers Caulfield and Alaniz then moved in and were able to take the remaining offenders into custody. P.O. Abe Lara joined the Chicago Police Department in October of 1995. He has spent his entire career in the 011th District where he has served on the Area 4 Midnight Tact Team and Gang Team. He is currently assigned to the 2nd Watch. P.O. Robert Caulfield joined the Chicago Police Department in August of 2007. He began his police career in the 009th District and moved to the Area Central Saturation Team in 2012. He is currently assigned to the 005th District Tact Team. Officer Caulfield has more than 100 honorable mentions, 3 Department commendations and multiple complimentary letters. He has also been honored with the “Back of the Yards” Award and was presented the “Hero Award” at the “Battle of the Badges” in 2014. Officer Caulfield is the proud father of two young daughters. P.O. Michael Alaniz joined the Chicago Police Department in February of 2003. He began his career in the 009th District and worked there for 10 years before moving to Area Central Saturation. Officer Alaniz is currently assigned to the 009th District. P.O. Mario Mendoza is a 13-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. He began his career in the 011th District where he was the regular partner of fallen Chicago police officer Michael Gordon. Officer Mendoza has also worked […]

On March 24, 2015, Officers Michael S. Lawrence and Sergio Valdez were on Bicycle Patrol near the intersection of Michigan Ave and Chestnut, when they were informed by a Citizen that there was a male laying on the ground at the intersection of Michigan Ave and Walton. Officers Michael S. Lawrence and Sergio Valdezrelocated to Michigan Ave and Walton, upon arrival they observed an unresponsive male on the ground in the middle of Michigan Ave and Walton. Officer Michael S. Lawrence immediately began performing chest compressions, Officer Sergio Valdez began redirecting traffic off Michigan Ave and assisted Michael S. Lawrence in any way possible. The 75 year old male slowly regained consciousness and began to breathe. Both Officers continued to monitor the victim until CFD ambulance #18 arrived and transported him to Northwestern Hospital where he was listed in serious condition. Officer Sergio Valdez began his career as a Chicago police officer on February 25, 2002. During his 13 years on the Chicago Police Department he has been assigned to the 007th District, 025th District, and is currently assigned to the Area Central Bicycle Patrol Unit. Officer Michael S. Lawrence joined the Chicago Police Department in January 28, 2003. During his career as a police officer, he worked in the 007th district, 025th district and is currently assigned to the Area Central Bicycle Patrol Unit.

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