Congratulations to Commander Ralph Cruz and Police Officer Brian Collins, our April Officers of the Month!  The CPMF Also honors civilian Brian Schillo for coming to the aid of a Chicago Police Officer.  Read their stories below!

On August 1, 2021, at 5:18 PM, at 520 S Michigan, our awardees, Commander Ralph Cruz and Police Officer Brian Collins, while assigned to work the perimeter of the Lollapalooza music event, responded to an EMS call in front of the Congress Hotel. Upon their arrival, they observed that a large plate glass window had been broken and three males were suffering from cuts and lacerations. The most seriously injured of the three was lying on the sidewalk bleeding profusely from numerous deep lacerations to both legs. Acting quickly, our awardees immediately began applying tourniquets to the victim’s legs. Working in concert, Commander Cruz applied one tourniquet to the victim’s left leg while Officer Collins simultaneously placed a second tourniquet to the victim’s right leg. Upon arrival of the Chicago Fire Department Ambulance, the paramedics were able to stabilize the victim and transport him to Northwestern Hospital for emergency surgery. The paramedics later related that the reason the victim was still alive when the ambulance arrived was the swift and decisive action of our awardees. It was later determined that both of this victim’s femoral arteries had been severed when he crashed through the plate glass.

During the subsequent investigation, it was learned that this victim had been trying to break up a fight that was precipitated by the buying and selling of fraudulent wrist bands by the two other subjects, who also went through the plate glass.

Thanks in large part to our awardees’ quick actions and successful application of two tourniquets, the victim of these horrific injuries has made a complete recovery.


On December 10, 2021, at 12:14pm, Officer Noel Bragaganolo responded to a call of a battery and criminal damage to property at the Walgreen’s parking lot located at 3224 W Belmont. Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim identified the suspect to this officer as the offender who kicked the victim’s car, threatened, and spat on her. PO Bragaganolo informed the suspect that he was under arrest, to which the suspect started yelling, “I’m not going to go to jail.” A struggle ensued, during which both the officer and the offender fell to the ground. The officer called for assist units and as he was attempting to handcuff the offender, a concerned citizen, now known as Brian Schillo, unhesitatingly came to the officer’s assistance. During the struggle, Mr. Schillo was bit on the forearm by the offender. The offender also bit the officer on his left index finger. Other officers arrived on scene and were finally able to place the offender into custody. Mr. Schillo was treated on the scene by Chicago Fire Department paramedics. PO Bragaganolo was sent to Swedish Hospital for treatment of his bite wound and was given a tetanus shot.

Without regard for his own personal safety, Mr. Schillo came to the timely aid of a Chicago Police Officer during a felony arrest situation where the suspect was actively resisting.

After reviewing the facts of this investigation, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office approved charging the offender with Aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer, Assault & Battery, and Criminal Damage to Property.