Since the Chicago Police Department started using bullet-proof vests in 1980, 46 Chicago Police Officers’
lives have been saved because they were wearing a vest. Most recently, just last month when Officer
Nathaniel Hollis was saved by his vest.

Just a few weeks ago, Officer Hollis responded to a call of shots-fired. When he and his partner arrived,
the offender was gone. While Officer Hollis is taking a report, he heard a noise and realized the offender
had returned. Officer Hollis took out his gun and walked toward the back of the house. He saw the
offender who immediately fired at Officer Hollis. The bullet hit Officer Hollis in the chest. Officer
Hollis returned fire, but the offender fled. Officer Hollis called 10-1, shots fired at and by the police, the
offender was captured a few blocks away. Fortunately for Officer Hollis, he had his vest on and it did its
job. It stopped the bullet from hitting his body.

Over the previous two weeks, 2,230 Chicago Police Officers have picked up their brand-new bullet-proof
vests thanks to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation’s Get Behind the Vest Campaign. Started in
2014, the program has now provided more than 11,250 vests for Chicago Police Officers.

The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation thanks all of their donors to the Get Behind the Vest Campaign
– without them, we would not be able to continue to supply much needed life-saving vests to our officers.
To learn more about the Get Behind the Vest campaign or to make a donation, please visit