Earlier this year, Eighth District Officers viewed a distraught woman clinging to a light pole outside the protective rail over the railroad tracks at 74th & Kedzie Avenue.

The victim was observed to have long, visible bleeding slash marks on her arms in an apparent suicide attempt. Crisis Intervention Techniques and de-escalation strategies were utilized to develop a rapport with the victim delaying her intention of jumping off the bridge ending her life.

Chicago Police Officers Lisbeth Zamora-Mitre and Adan Barraza were able to close the distance after observing the victim letting go of the pole.  Officers Zamora and Barazza disregarded their personal safety and were able to gain control of the victim’s arms disregarding their safety defeating her attempt to jump off the 40-foot high bridge above the railroad tracks.

Officers Hector Briseno and Officer Jonathon Garduno assisted by working as a team to bring the victim safely onto the sidewalk.  Officer Briseno removed a razor blade was removed from the victim’s hand, preventing her from further harming herself. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Officers Zamora-Mitre and Barraza expressed empathy and gained the trust of the victim.  The victim confided in the officers relating that her drug-addicted boyfriend sexually assaulted her, which she stated made her feel violated and dirty.

These officers documented their investigation, made proper notifications, and requested hospital personnel to prepare a rape kit for evidentiary purposes.  As a result of their efforts, a suicide attempt was thwarted and the victim received both appropriate medical and mental health treatments, and a violent crime was uncovered.

“We are proud to honor these officers as they risked their personal safety to carry out the noblest act of saving a human life,” said Phil Cline of the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation.

The efforts by these officers from the Eighth District reflects the highest traditions of the Chicago Police Department and demonstrate these officer’s commitment to serving the citizens of Chicago.

We are proud to make these four officers of November Officers of the Month.


4 CPD Officers Honored For Saving Woman’s Life