At the request of Area Four Detectives, the Gang Investigation section assisted in a follow-up regarding a gang-related murder that occurred on December 8, 2020.  During the investigation, the wanted offender was identified, as was the vehicle the offender had used during the commission of this crime.  Officers Daniel O’Brien and Larron Alexander spent countless hours searching and setting up mobile surveillance at numerous locations the offender had been known to frequent with negative results.

The investigation revealed two active Facebook accounts which were being used by the offender. Officers Nick Lesch and Javier Collazo authored Facebook court-authorized Pen Registers for each account. In their efforts to locate the offender, our awardees continuously monitored both Facebook accounts for activity.

Reviewing Facebook provided a phone number utilized by the offender.  He had purchased a vehicle and provided this phone number to the seller just prior to the homicide.  Armed with this new information, Nick Lesch authored a court-approved Pen Register for this phone number.  While monitoring the register, it was determined that the offender had fled to St Louis and then traveled to Mississippi, where it was believed he is residing with relatives.  Armed with this information, an arrest warrant for murder was obtained.

In continuance into the ongoing homicide investigation, through the use of both Facebook and cell phone pen registers, our awardees electronically continued to track the movements of the offender.  By closely monitoring these movements, the awardees discovered the offender had left Mississippi and began to travel north back to Memphis then crossing back into St. Louis.  Upon learning this, in a coordinated effort, they contacted the St. Louis Police Department’s Intelligence Unit, Missouri State Police, and the Scott City Sherriff’s Office and provided them the current movements of the offender.

Anthony Noradin along with the aforementioned agencies enacted a plan to apprehend the offender.  Our awardees monitored the phone pen for the latest information and provided the most up-to-date information to the St. Louis Police Department Intelligence Unit, who in turn forwarded the information to Missouri State Police and the Scott City Sheriff’s Department. Based on the constantly updated information, deputies of the Scott City Sheriff’s Department located the offender at a McDonald’s drive-thru and were able to place him in custody without incident.  Also recovered at the time of the arrest, was the vehicle that he had used during the commission of the homicide.

The offender was extradited to Chicago and charged with First Degree Murder. Additionally, the recovered car that he used in this murder was towed to Chicago for further investigation. A search warrant was executed on the vehicle which yielded two semi-automatic handguns, a revolver, and the clothing that the offender was wearing during the commission of the homicide.

Thanks to the successful and outstanding follow-up investigation of these detectives and officers, a dangerous gang member was arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. It is an honor to name these officers our March Officers of the Month presented by Police Mortgage